Our quality claim

Quality forms the basis of our economic action. Safety, transparency and sustainability are maxims to which FAMAB is committed.

We not only demand this of our members but also encourage them by communicating the requisite expertise. All members identify with our sector-specific quality code, enabling clients and contractors to swiftly recognise particularly committed companies.

The quality seal for event catering: LECA

LECA members are professionals in designing, planning and implementing cross-regional event catering in the areas of Food + Beverages, Logistics and Personnel. Members of the LECA benefit from exchanging experiences in their network. In-house press and PR work also attribute LECA a specific position on the market.
Experience gleaned during the EXPO 2000 led ten renowned event caterers to merge to form LECA. Under the umbrella of FAMAB, they established the Leading Caterer Association "LECA" in 2002.

LECA concept

LECA members have maximum demands on quality, transparency and service. Customer consulting is the most important service offered by our catering experts and is clearly distinguished from the competition.
High-quality food is taken for granted; LECA members are also distinguished by a high degree of logistical competence, strict adherence to hygiene guidelines as well as strong concept and implementation skills. Ensuring that event hospitality creates a positive and long-term buzz!

The experience gleaned during collaboration on the occasion of the EXPO 2000 encouraged ten renowned event caterers to stage a round-table meeting in March 2002.

It soon became clear that it would make sense to establish an association for the sector. Under the umbrella of FAMAB – Verband Direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation, the LECA – LEading Caterer Association was established in April 2002.

An initial step defined the term "Event Catering" and established the quality criteria in the interests of LECA. Membership of the association is only possible for those satisfying the admission criteria governing quality. All LECA members are professionals in designing, planning and implementing cross-regional event catering with core competencies in the areas of Food + Beverages, Logistics and Personnel. A summary of quality criteria is provided in the "Download" area on the right.

Apart from uncompromising quality, service is another priority for members of LECA, for whom service not only means underlining the perfect hospitality role played by their clients. They also define service as providing support in selecting the right catering experts for their own events with the result that a checklist was drawn up for catering queries. It lists all of the key tasks required for obtaining a comparable concept and therefore a comparable quote. One primary goal – transparency in drawing up quotes – is therefore promoted by LECA. The catering query form is available as a download on the right.

Using its location file, LECA supports anyone on the lookout for a suitable location. This involves recommendations by LECA members which are largely exclusively available to them. Whether an exquisite dinner with twenty guests, a BBQ for 300 customers or a huge event with 7500 guests – the appropriate proposal is available for any occasion and any region. The location file can be downloaded on the right.

The top goal of all LECA members is quality and transparency. Consulting for clients is an everyday task for catering experts and is one of the most important services which significantly distinguishes them from the "party service at the end of the street". Good food is one thing. Logistical skills, strict adherence to hygiene regulations, competence in terms of concepts and implementation are another. It's the basics that ensure that hospitality not only remains a conversational topic for a long time – but a positive one, too.

The members of LECA benefit from the possibilities of exchanging experience and the network. Press and PR work has been and remains instrumental in positioning LECA on the market.

This takes place within the framework of the German Event Day organised by FAMAB featuring the ADAM and EVA awards, for example, where culinary highlights have been set by LECA members since 2002. From concept through realisation and service, the catering experts collaborate to implement the respective annual theme in food and beverages, table decorations and service personnel attire, thereby presenting new trends in event catering.

Establishment of the LECA group under the umbrella of FAMAB e.V. creates a communication platform for LECA members as well as between members of FAMAB, FME and FDA, and over the medium term will lead to a merge within the sector, clear profiling of service ranges by individual companies as well as the formation of networks between specialists in the area of live communication. This development will lead to further optimisation of services by individual suppliers and greater protection for clients when selecting and utilising the individual elements of live marketing.

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