IFES is the international umbrella organisation for all national associations. The member companies of the IFES are active in both the trade fair and exhibition sector and in the area of marketing and events. IFES promotes and supports the commercial, technical and socio-political interests of its member companies at international level.

The IFES is the only international organisation dedicated to the special requirements of service-providers in the trade fair construction and exhibition sector.

Partners and memberships

FAMAB and its partners enjoy close collaboration. In its capacity as an association, FAMAB is also a member of various lobby groups.

AUMA_Ausstellungs- und Messe-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft

The AUMA represents the interests of the trade fair industry at national and international level in terms of parliament, ministries, authorities and other organisations.

UFi - The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry

UFI is an association of the world's largest organisers of trade fair construction companies and owners of exhibition facilities. The UFI is a communication, marketing and training platform for its members. Research is carried out into the sector and their interests represented by regional associations.

IGVW - Interessenvertretung Veranstaltungswirtschaft

The igvw has the goals of revising safety standards, certifying companies and transferring the current audit body into a joint test institute IGVW. The SQP2 evolved from a lobby group.

Einkaufs- und Servicegesellschaft mbH

ESG represents the purchasing alliance for the event sector. It offers cost and service benefits and supports its members in all procurement issues concerning project realisation.

APWPT – Funkfrequenzen

The APWPT (Association of Professional Wireless Production Technologies) is a FAMAB lobby group of experts in radio frequencies and sale by auction in Germany with the goal of avoiding faults/costs by means of conversion and/or announcements / reimbursement of costs.

Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft e. V.

The DTHG is the largest professional association in the German-speaking region for experts with technical, artistic and technical-artistic professions in the areas of theatre, film, television and shows as well as in the industries and trades supplying these productions.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbandsmanagement eV

The DGVM is the largest cross-sectional organization for full-time run organizations in Germany. The main task of the DGVM is to assist managers and employees of organizations in daily practice, to provide new impulses and ideas as well as to moderate the experience of all association boundaries.

EVVC Europäischer Verband der Veranstaltungs-Centren e. V.

The international event market is subject to ongoing change owing to changes in public interests, the emergence of new forms of entertainment and events, changing communication habits and standards, and constant new developments in event technology. The EVVC supports its approx. 300 members in an informative, regulatory and communicative manner.


The VPLT is a professional association with a technical orientation in the area of "professional lighting and sound technology". VPLT members plan, develop, produce, distribute, sell, hire, install and support lighting, sound, multimedia installations and stages.